Antec Basiq 300w Power Supply

Antec launches Basiq BP300P Power Supplies

If you ever wondered what happened to under 400w PSU units, especially for those machines that do not consume a lot of power- Antec has released BP300P, a 300w power supply under their Basiq Series with active PFC and their trademark CircuitShield that promises a full suite of industrial grade protection. CircuitShield basically comes with Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit protection, Over Power Protection and Over Temperature protection. Antec India says that it comes with heavy Duty capacitors so it should ensure a very good DC Voltage stability and with a 2 year warranty period.

Personally, its good to see a power supply rated under 400w and with a power supply. It comes with 20+4 pin motherboard cable, a pin ATX12v cable, 2x SATA Power cable, 2x Molex and a floppy power cable.


On another note, a company representative (not Antec) did tell me once that they will work on a power supply with all the protection circuits for under 300w, maintaining 80% efficiency but will not get the 80Plus certification to lower the cost of the power supply. But it looks to me that Antec is the one who has set the bar for now.



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  1. so looks like since corsair is concentrating on vs450, antec decided to take it one step further. sadly there is no1 in india who can test power supplies properly unless they want tech2 to glorify any power supplies….

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