Antec One front

Antec One enters the Mid-Tower market

Antec showed off few photographs of the case “Antec One” a few hours back.

Antec One is a mid-tower that can accommodate Standard ATX sized motherboard and up to 5 Hard drives. By the looks of it, comes with the usual space for cable management and you’re getting 2x USB 3.0. The design looks “Run-of-the-mill” (except maybe the honeycomb design on the HDD cage) which is pretty good since usually cases for around $50-70 at least should concentrate on having a good case then having a case with good looks. This is what a lot of buyers aim for.



Antec One isn’t only cased with such design mind you. We’ve seen NZXT Gamma being a good choice for a lot of people who are willing to ignore the front panel design (and now- the USB 3.0 headers). Then came Bitfenix and Merc Stealth, a case that I’ll be reviewing soon. Corsair also has the 300 R. So will Antec One be “The One” or “One of Many” such cases is something we’ll know once the reviews pop out. Personally, I would like to see more hard drive mount over 5.25″ mount but let’s see how it goes if/when I can get my hands on it.

As written on Corsair Case’s packaging: “Great systems start with great cases” and looking at the enthusiasm Antec India is showing, we could see shoulder to shoulder bumping contest between at least 2 of them as far as PC Chassis, Power Supplies and CPU coolers go.

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