Antec Cleaning Solution

Antec releases cleaning kits for electronics

Just after being featured in Antec’s booth in this year’s Computex, Antec has released 3 cleaning kits for electronic hardware. The 3 solutions from Antec are 3x Strength cleaning solution, 100% Natural cleaning solution and Deep Cleaning Gel Solution.

3x Strength cleaning solution comes with a choice of 240ml or 60ml Combo pack with 20 or 100 wipes with a 30x 30mm Microfiber Cloth, 100% Natural Cleaning solution comes with a choice of 240ml or 60ml with 20 or 100 wipes with 30x 30mm Microfiber cloth whereas Deep Cleaning solution comes with a 30ml Gel Pack with a 20x 20mm Microfiber Cloth.

As said in the product’s press release, 3x Strength cleaning solution is a non-drip formula for cleaning, disinfecting and protecting devices. 100% Natural solution- as it doesn’t need any explanation- does the same thing but it’s a natural cleaning solution. The Deep cleaning Gel gives high cleaning strength and since its gel, it helps to get into small crevices to keep your hardware clean.

Antec says you can use this to clean many products- anything between touchscreen based hardware like cell phones and tables, to screens, Video game controllers, remotes, mice, handheld protectors- to sunglasses, eyes, jewellery- and blenders, mixers, microwaves and slow cookers. Although I doubt people will use this for blenders and microwaves, it sounds like a good cleaning kit and a good alternative since the most common choice of the cleaning solution is Isopropyl alcohol for most of the hardware mentioned above. Antec didn’t say anything about the price yet but will keep you guys updated once I get any info on that.

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