Antec One S3 Boxshot

Antec One S3 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impression Part 1
  5. Internal Impression Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion

PC Mid-Tower Cases that costs within $100 mark were once limited to having 2x 120mm fans with 2x USB 2.0 ports and not much room for cable management, but since NZXT Gamma came around, things changed a lot. When you chop off $20- $40 off your pc chassis budget, choices and features are reduced naturally. Its a very crowded market- Indian buyers have choices from CM, Corsair and Coolermaster have been a common preference of cases which was once flooded with Zebronics case as a default choice a few years ago. On top of it, BitFenix also has the Merc Alpha case too. Despite the limited potential one could cram in such cases, they do bring good option+ features+ accessories for those who want a simple case with all the bare minimum.


Antec isn’t a new player. They’ve been making cases- really good cases- for a very long time. At this point- everyone makes a good case. The quality and features of the Antec One S3 PC Case are similar to many such PC cases, such as Bitfenix Merc with exception of its 4 USB 2.0 whereas other have 2x USB 3.0 with 2.0 header adapter- and an even minor difference in dimension.

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  1. after adding $20 more you get 300R from corsair a much superior case. bitfenix and caselabs have good cases too. antec is late to the party and this is the party they should be an early bird…

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