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Antec One S3 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impression Part 1
  5. Internal Impression Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion

The Antec One S3 PC case is made of steel with matte finish black and protruding design on the sidepanels. The front panel is a combination of matte and glossy finish plastic with 2x USB 3.0 (hence “S3”) audio ports and the usual Power/Reset buttons.


The left sidepanel, as usual, has a 120mm mount.



From Left: Power On with LED; USB 3.0 port; Audio connectors, USB 3.0 port and Reset button with HDD activity LED.

There are 3x 5.25″ bays. The air vent is on the bottom of the front panel.



The Rear I/O section has a mount for 80mm, 92mm and 120mm fans, 7 PCIe slot- out of which only one of them is a reusable slot cover with 2x rubber grommets and a small meshed area on the side and the hole for the power supply. I believe its about time that all companies could provide reusable slots rather than just one. BitFenix Alpha provides reusable slots- although their PCI mounting can be bit annoying.

If you can see closely, there’s an air filter mesh tray that can be easily seen on the underbelly- below the PSU mount.


Most of this budget to provide an air filter mesh but some do not provide the plastic slide to slide it in and out easily.


The top panel only has a 120mm fan mount with a pre-installed fan. The underbelly of the case, as you can see, has a 120/140mm mount. The case- without the components mounted- is extremely light.

_MG_9469There is a pair of rails for five 3.5″ HDD drives, screws and couple of brass standoffs while the rest are pre-installed steal counterparts. You’ll notice Antec providing USB 3.0-to-2.0 header adapter for older and some newer motherboards.

The sidepanels are a little bit flimsy and its the same case at the rear I/O section- more specifically between the 120mm mount and the mesh/PCIe section. Looking at the price point, it’s not that bad- rather the entire rear I/O section seems pretty strong. The sidepanel and the base’s fan mount panels could use air filters too. I know that Antec provided 2x USB 3.0 via header, but to be honest, one ought to see 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 connector on the front panel alone. If the case manufacturers cannot provide it unless they have to use the re-routing cable- why not PCIe USB 2.0 slots? That could work, yes?

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  1. after adding $20 more you get 300R from corsair a much superior case. bitfenix and caselabs have good cases too. antec is late to the party and this is the party they should be an early bird…

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