Antec One S3 Boxshot

Antec One S3 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impression Part 1
  5. Internal Impression Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion

The case has the same matte black finish on the internals. There are 3 re-route holes for cable management- and a large hole for those who would mount CPU coolers on the motherboards vertically.


But once you take a closer look at the motherboard tray, you see one more section to route the cable through between that and the HDD bay.

That area should be more useful to route through a majority of the cables, but that’s something we’ll get to see when the rig is mounted with the components I have.


As said there’s a 120mm fan mounted on the top. the PSU section has 4x rubber stand. Just below the 7th PCIe slot, you’ll see a support metal between it and the motherboard tray. This support is probably helping at least the PCIe I/O section not to bend.


It would be nice- as said before- if all the seven PCIe slots were reusable slots- and not just one. The routing section between the HDD bay and motherboard tray is large enough to route through almost all the cables from a power supply- usually between 400w- 500w where there are 2x SATA power cables with 2x SATA power connectors each, 2x Molex power cables, 1-2x 6 pin PCIe Power Connectors and even the 24 pin motherboard connector, along with the SATA Cables.

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  1. after adding $20 more you get 300R from corsair a much superior case. bitfenix and caselabs have good cases too. antec is late to the party and this is the party they should be an early bird…

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