Antec LED Lightning Kit

Antec Soundscience Halo 6 LED lighting kit available

Antec seems to be on a roll with releasing a lot of products lately, this would be interested in some people, especially modders. The good part is that unlike a lot of lightning kits one gets to see in certain cases, the Antec Soundscience Halo 6 LED bias lighting kit comes with 2 years of warranty period. The MRP is Rs. 689/- + taxes.

As Antec India said in their press release:

The halo 6 LED bias lighting kit is an affordable option for outfitting PC monitors with professional-grade backlighting. This helps reduce eye fatigue and increase image clarity during long gaming sessions and similar periods of extended computer use.

The bias lighting illumination technique adds a ring of white backlight to PC monitors, reducing eyestrain caused by differences in picture brightness from scene changes in movies, TV shows and video games. The soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit’s USB-powered LED strip (14.6” / 370 mm in length) attaches to the back of the monitor and complements any PC monitor up to 24”. The colour and brightness of the LEDs are carefully calibrated and help increase a monitor’s perceived contrast ratio – enhancing perceived black levels, vibrant colours and picture detail by enabling dark adapted viewing.



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