AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI Motherboard Review

  1. About the new Intel chipsets and AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI...
  2. Motherboard Design
  3. Motherboard Design (Contd...)
  4. Power Delivery, Heatsink Design BIOS and Layout Overview
  5. How its tested??
  6. PCMark 8 and Memory Profile benchmark
  7. SATA Performance Testing
  8. Boot Load Timings
  9. Transfer Test
  10. Conclusion
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Problem with Intel

Intel doesn’t allow CPU and RAM overclocking on B360 and H370. Worst. Decision. Ever. The fact that motherboard manufacturers put so much effort on both platforms should be more reason for Intel to cut some slack and allow overclocking. Intel made really weird decision lately- from releasing a series of locked and unlocked Coffee Lake CPUs with Z370 platform which will command a higher price. It is only after a few months, Intel releases three lower budget chipsets. Sure, it does have native USB 3.1 Gen 2 and CNVi support. Now Intel Z370 chipsets will feel left out. Maybe Intel didn’t do it so that Z370 users won’t feel scammed? What about H370 having no significant advantage over B360? So why do we have a Core i3 8350K unlocked processor? Why anyone who will pick this up and choose an Intel Z370 motherboard if they don’t overclock and/or RAID?

Oh, AMD! You took “B350” chipset model number right under Intel before they can use it! You nasty, bro! ME LIKEY!!!

Problem with AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI

The AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WiFi motherboard is very interesting. For the most part, I do like it. But I don’t think it is a good idea to have a weird version of an ATX layout with no matching mounting holes with conventional cases. The decision to do so is as confusing as releasing an unlocked lower budget CPU but no overclockable lower budget chipset. If the layout didn’t alter the position of those two mounting holes, I wouldn’t have bothered to talk about it.

Dem mounting holes…

The AORUS H370 Gaming 3 WIFI is a 30.5cm x 24.4cm ATX spec, versus B360 Gaming 3 WIFI with 30.5cm x 22.5cm, an older ATX spec. The current spec has nine mounting holes, while the older has seven (used back in 790/970 chipset days). Between the two, one mounting hole on the older spec is in a different area from the conventional ATX form factor, which is in the same line as the first PCIe x16 slot. As a result, the upper right section of the motherboard will not be secured properly in a conventional case.

I am not sure how many PC cases have that single mount support for 22.5 cm ATX form factor- or if newer ATX PC cases accommodate alternate mounting. Even the Cooler Master MB500 didn’t have that support, nor on the Dimastech bench table. But it does on the Lian Li A70F, an old PC case which as all the standoff support for all motherboard formfactors except for XL-ATX. Some users wouldn’t care. Many system builders wouldn’t like to leave any of the mounting holes unused as components weigh on the motherboards, which rely on the cases provided they’re mounted properly. Many graphics cards are heavy enough to use support brackets and stand to avoid sagging. This motherboard doesn’t have its ‘double locking bracket’ for the PCIe x16 slot which I feel is more important than having a metal dressing. If AORUS used a standard form factor, it will have the room to have all six right-angled SATA ports and have all nine mounting holes. I’ve asked a couple of PC case manufacturers if they have a list of cases which has all mounting support for the 30.5cm x 22.5cm ATX form factor.

The best stuff about the AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI

Many Z370 users may not like it. But thanks to Intel, CNVi and native USB 3.1 Gen 2 support even on its B360 chipset makes this motherboard very tempting. It even provides a CNVi M.2 module Intel 9560 WiFi with Wave2, BT 5.0 and MU-MIMO module to provide a complete package. An Intel B360 chipset would be a good choice to pick up over the H370 in some cases because newer implements even on lower budget chipset would have some price change. Many H370 chipset motherboards would cost the same as Z370 base models. Intel B360 gives full 1x PCIe x16 3.0 bandwidth support fulfilling the needs of most gamers. It has support for six SATA ports and native USB 3.1 Gen 2 and CNVi, fulfilling the needs of most users. If for any reason you plan to buy a Coffee Lake platform on a mid-end budget, the AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI and a locked Core i5 CPU looks mighty tempting combination.

Really Intel, you can’t even enable overclocking even for H370? 


You can also purchase the AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI from Overclockers UK.

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