Arctic accidentally reveals HD 8000 series GPUs

Arctic cooling recently updated their VGA cooling compatibility list, which also points to the AMD HD 8000 Desktop GPU lineup: HD 8970, HD 8950, HD 8870, HD 8760 and HD 8740.

Furthermore, AMD made an announcement that they will be participating in E3 2013 where they said they will be sharing their latest technology with gamers. It was specifically mentioned that people will get to experience AMD’s next-gen gaming in person and that the latest innovations for desktop, tablet, notebook, console’s core processing unit and AMD Radeon graphics cards will be displayed.

Earlier on, it was speculated that HD 8000 series would be nothing more than OEM rebrand, though you have to wonder if that’s true, at least on some parts. Nevertheless, another source points out that AMD Product manager for Graphics Desktop Devon Nekechuck said that the next gen cards will some changes in the graphics cards’ cooler designs. It was further pointed out that AMD was not interested in their current reference design, adding that it was costly to make.


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