Asetek sues CoolIT over liquid cooling infringement

If you thought patent wars are limited to smartphones- more specifically between Samsung and Apple, you thought wrong! the year 2012 will be remembered as the year of the patent trolls as veteran OEM designer Asetek sues another OEM water cooling unit and Corsair’s “RnD Partner” CoolIT.

Despite the popular increase of closed-loop liquid cooling units as we see today, back in 2002 only 2 companies were involved in making such units- CoolIT and Asetek. Now that Asetek has 3 patents, they plan to file lawsuits against those who have allegedly copied their designs.

Currently, they are suing CoolIT for the following components:

– an integrated element including a heat exchanging interface
– a reservoir
– a pump, wherein the reservoir is configured to receive a cooling liquid from outside the reservoir through an inlet and pass the cooling liquid to the outside through an outlet
– the reservoir including an upper chamber and a lower chamber
– the upper chamber and the lower chamber being vertically displaced chambers that are separated from each other by at least a horizontal wall and fluidly coupled together by a plurality of substantially circular passages
– at least one of the plurality of substantially circular passages being positioned on the horizontal wall
– a boundary wall of the lower chamber being formed by the heat exchanging interface
– the heat exchanging interface is adapted to provide separable thermal contact between the processing unit and the cooling liquid such that heat is dissipated from the processing unit to the cooling liquid as the cooling liquid passes through the lower chamber of the reservoir
– the pump is adapted to direct the cooling liquid through the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the reservoir
– the pump including a motor having a rotor, a stator and an impeller having a plurality of curved blades
– the impeller being positioned within the reservoir
– a heat radiator spaced apart from the integrated element
– the heat radiator being fluidly coupled to the outlet and the inlet of the reservoir
– the heat radiator being configured to circulate the cooling liquid there through and exhaust heat from the cooling liquid
– a fan configured to direct air through the heat radiator, the fan being driven by a motor separate from the motor of the pump.”


The Other Side of the Story

As pointed out in Xbit Labs:

“Our successful innovations have attracted several imitators. Although competition is a keen motivator for continuous innovation and operational excellence, innovation is expensive and as such we take out patents to protect our investments. This license agreement allows Asetek to reap the rewards of its innovations while providing the level of competition that keeps us sharp and is good for the overall liquid cooling market.”

To be fair, you can’t deny that it was Asetek and their OEM units that Corsair used at first was something that was perfected by Asetek’s RnD- something that costs money, not to mention trying to solve the fear of any “accidental leaks” to make sure that its user friendly for all desktop users- but just like Apple Vs. Samsung, would this choke the closed loop water cooling business???

Now that Asetek has sued CoolIT, the question now that one will obviously ask: Will Corsair’s range of Closed Looped Water Cooling units be affected- most notably the rumoured H80i/H100i and/or other companies which do not have any associations with these companies? To those who do not know, Indian based closed loop water cooling company SVG Tech’s HOC-60 unit once used a pump made by CoolIT until the time they figured it out that the product was made to compete against Corsair Water Cooling units. Now(as per what he mentioned in Techenclave) SVG Tech uses its newly designed pumps.


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