Asetek sues Coolermaster over Seidon CPU coolers

Asetek filed a case against Coolermaster over the pumps that Seidon Series use. According to the accuser, Seidon Series by Coolermaster come with the models Seidon 120M, 120XL and 240M use pump units which look a lot like Asetek rebrands.

The case was filed on 31st January 2013, concerning Patent no. 8,240,362 and 8,245,764.


It is too early to speculate if it is a similar design or not as such patent infringement cases at times turn out to be the battle of the lawyers’ skills rather than facts at hand. It also should be noted that the basic idea behind closed- loop watercoolers hasn’t changed. This isn’t the first time Asetek filed a patent infringement case. A few months ago, the company sued CoolIT over similar counts as well. Whether it is a genuine patent infringement would be a delicate subject. We will all have to wait for the courts to evaluate the case, arguments and evidence from both sides.

But if Asetek does manage to pull a victory, they may not only end getting a huge compensation for the losses so far but maybe even get a royalty for the Seidon units Coolermaster sells in the near future. This would also create issues for other brands who have their own CPU liquid cooling lineups, even maybe signing up Asetek as “OEM partner” just to save themselves from being sued. Therefore, the battle that both CoolIT and Coolermaster faces with the OEM CPU watercooling manufacturer would affect other closed-loop water cooling series from other brands as well. But if the case is rules in Cooler Master’s favour, the damage might be done as the company is banned from selling Seidon series liquid coolers for the current situation to be resolved.

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