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Asetek to reimburse Cooler Master over ‘lack of inventiveness’ EU patent

Court orders Asetek to reimburse Cooler Master for 113,000 euros

The legal battle between two CPU and GPU cooling specialists is a very documented case as it alleges Cooler Master to violate US patents  8240362 and 8245764 owned by Asetek. The end result of the case in the United States is that Cooler Master was ordered to pay $600,000.

The same case was filed as Asetek had European patent in which the case was filed in the Hague Court. The EU patent EP1923771, filed by Asetek in November 2004 and awarded in May 2015. However, it was turned around recently in Cooler Master’s favour due to the lack of inventiveness in the patents. As a result, Asetek will reimburse 113,000 euros. The case involved Nepton 120XL, Nepton 240M and the Seidon 120V which was earlier stopped from sold in the markets.

Dismissal of EU patents

Cooler Master responded to this claim by requesting the court to declare the patent as ‘invalid’. Cooler Master said that it already published the ‘utility model’ in China which shows the water pump design. The EU patents describe the same as mentioned in the document. Therefore, the court declares that the description for its water cooling system is nothing new and declares it as lack of inventiveness.

Two opposite decisions from two continents over the same design

It’s surprising to see that two different continents have two different rulings for same patent filing. This will serve as a breather for liquid cooling system makers and have a free market in the EU region.

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