Asus designs GTX 670 for mini-ITX systems

The popularity of Mini-ITX based systems is coming more pleasing for many users to adopt, especially considering that case manufacturers like Lian Li and Bitfenix, followed by motherboard manufacturers like Asus and Zotac are pushing mini-ITX form factors for a while. All thanks to faster and less consuming and more energy efficient processing units, systems with smaller form-factor also can pack a serious punch if you don’t plan to have stacks of internal HDDs/GPUs inside.

Speaking of GPUs, the form-factor for most cards, however, are another story- that is until now. Asus cooked up an Nvidia GTX 670 Direct CU II Mini with the PCB’s length is as small as 6.75″/~17 cms. long with equivalently sized cooler as well.


Asus assures that the mini version comes with the same amount of graphics processing power as the full sized GTX 670. Its primarily made keeping miniITX boards and even some cases that don’t allow longer cards to be installed.

As standard desktop systems with maybe a single GPU to boot, miniITX is something that its best to push forward as most of the desktop users will love the form factor. Although it should be noted that unlike GTX 670 Direct CUII versions that take power from 6 pin PCIe connectors, this card takes power from 8 pin PCIe connectors.


The pictures, however, don’t really represent the final product as Asus is still testing the idea. But if companies like Asus are able to re-work on these cards’ PCB designs without sacrificing anything at least in comparison with reference counterparts, this is something that many people would look forward to.

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