Asus G74SX ROG notebook Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Specs and First Impressions
  3. Viewing Angle Impressions
  4. Test Setup & Benchmark
  5. Bios
  6. Performance Benchmark
  7. Conclusion

This Notebook is in Stealth mode no more as I get my sweaty hands on her.


Armed with the power of Sandybridge and GTX560M, time to see if she can fly!

Asus India sent a G74SX ROG notebook. To those who are not familiar: ROG series hardware (not just notebooks) are aimed specifically for gamers and hardware enthusiasts- and also achieved an unspoken reputation of being a generic choice to those who love “bling”.

  1. Hi well I was actually looking for a gaming laptop, but im also confuse between ASUS G74sx, Alienware, or other brand that are also have the capabilities to compete with those two. I would be gratefull to get recommendation and also facts(good/bad) about laptop gaming.

  2. Truth be told, I wouldn't really recommend/suggest anything without evaluating it properly. I got a rough hands on M17x R2 I liked the keyboard. Its worth a look.

  3. Hi.. Thank you for this wonderful review. I am actually planning to get a gaming laptop for myself with the best specs possible, price is not an issue. But I am still very confused between ASUS G74SX and ALIENWARE M17, could you please let me know what would be the best of the best from them. 

  4. Don't buy it!!!I just got one two weeks ago and, because it is covered with rubber, the surface is already stained and getting worse day after day! And I always wash and dry my hands very well before using it.Sent many messages to Asus and that is their latest answer, even after many complaints from me making clear that they are responsible for that:"Dear valued customer,Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.Sorry for the convenience.I don't have any idea for your case, I haven't meet this situation ever since. Thank you for understanding!If you have another problem, please get contact with us ASAP.Best Regards,LilyASUS Customer Service"

  5. Yeah. They bumped it up long time back. Next time, I'll put up the Screenshot to save the day.With this evaluation sample I did not have any issues. Then again, the notebook came without anything installed, so I installed everything from the OS down to the almost-all usual features before evaluating the product. On retail, as usual its pre-installed. Not sure if there's a goof-up in that department. I didn't have the double click issue on the trackpad that G73SW was known to have. But! Co-incidently When I evaluated MSI GT663R with the same sentelic that was pre-installed and that had the annoying double click issue. If you get numpad issues, remap the keys. This will be of your use, incase there's an issue:… note: If you buy Asus notebooks in India, the warranty will be taken care by Rashi Peripherals, but if you're buying if you're buying an Asus notebook with Global warranty from abroad, the warranty will be honoured by Asus India. As long as you have the invoice, its all good. Thanks for reading :)

  6. I liked your review; getting it through a friend from US. Let's see how it will perform…But i did heard people complaining about it Numpad..& i checked flipkart too they don't have this laptop in their stock & G73SW model is also being shown as more than a lac bucks…

  7. HI! i`ve been on AMAZON and checked the reviews… there is unbelivealbe many complaints about different things i realy wanted to buy it, but now i`m not rly sure… more like afraid, and allmost every complaint is about poor customer service

    1. aaah that's something that cannot be evaluated. customer service differs from place to place and also in most parts its a hit-and-miss scene. I can't really help you on that part, but I am sure we both can agree to this ironclad point from a buyer's point of view: If a product has many complaints about the service irrespective whether a product is good or not?- Move on.

      You could always buy it via a retail store, usually the ones who have their own customer service. Retail guys have a different approach with product's distributors/manufacturers. If there is a store that assures that they will take care of the RMA for you, part of it is solved.

        1. Take a look at MSI. As far as my interaction with 1 MSI notebook so far is that they make pretty good onboard speakers for a gaming notebook. I think they are a bit cheaper too.

          There's always an option to for a desktop system unless you really need a notebook.

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