Asus AIO

Asus releases 4 AIO PCs

All thanks to Windows 8’s Metro UI we would be seeing a lot of touch panel monitors and even AIOs. Asus released 4 AIO models – 2 of them with touch panels- keeping space saving and option to wall mount in mind. Asus also uses their exclusive “sonic master technology” that is known to be featured in higher version Asus notebooks and desktop replacement units.

One point to note however is that the system comes with 3 year onsite warranty.

Model Name ET2012IUKS ET2012IGTS  ET2210INKS ET2411INTI
CPUIntel G640 (SB)Intel i3 2120Core i3-2120Core i5-3450
Screen Size20″20″21.5″23.6″
MemoryDDR3, 2G, 2G x 1H61, DDR3, 4G, 4G x 1DDR3, 6G (2G+4G)DDR3, 6G (2G+4G)
HDD3.5″ 500 GB3.5″ 500 GB3.5″ SATA 1TB3.5″ SATA 1TB
GraphicOn boardAMD HD7470M, 1G VRAMNV GT610M, 1G VRAMNVIDIA GT630M 1G VRAM
w/o OS (EGC)Win7 HPw/o OS (EGC)Win7 HPTouch Screen
Touch ScreenTouch ScreenService (Onsite)
3Yr3Yr3Yr3YrPrice (MRP excluding Taxes)
Rs. 30,000/-Rs. 44.400/-Rs. 43.000/-Rs. 66,600/-Subwoofer
OSw/o OS (EGC)Win7 HPw/o OS (EGC)Win7 HP
Touch ScreenTouch ScreenTouch Screen
Service (Onsite)3Yr3Yr3Yr3Yr
Price (MRP excluding Taxes)Rs. 30,000/-Rs. 44.400/-Rs. 43.000/-Rs. 66,600/-

ASUS ET2012 AIO (1)ASUS_ET2012EUTS-B007C-1_3ASUS ET2210 AIO (1)ASUS ET2411 AIO

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