Asus MS-100

Asus MS-100 USB Speakers Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specifications and Photos
  3. Design and Build quality
  4. Sound Quality and Conclusion

There are plenty of computer speaker systems available in the market. However most require the use of an external power supply which limits its usage for something that can be moved like a laptop. Laptop speakers are generally very small and the sound quality is less than decent in a majority of cases. So for those who want better SQ have a choice. Either lug around a large 2.1 speaker system and search for a power outlet or get a USB powered speaker system.

Enter the MS-100 which is the first USB speaker system from ASUS. ASUS haven’t had any earlier experience in designing speaker systems but they are in the audio market with sound cards and headphones.

Since these speakers don’t require a dedicated power outlet or any bulky adapter, they make a nice portable speaker system to any laptop user wishing for a better sound quality than what the onboard speakers on the laptop can provide.

  1. For 1.6K?
    Pricing fail.
    Logitech 'Z100' or something like that (forgot the exact model number), have similar design and costs ~550/-

  2. If you're referring to Z110 or a similar model, it uses a 3.5mm audio jack but takes power from USB like how few units from F&D has for few years now, atleast judging by the specifications mentioned in logitech's product website.

    This one takes power from the USB port and uses the same USB port to deliver sound.

  3. Hi d6bmg, the Logitech Z110 is priced lower but has barely 1.2 Watts of power. The Asus has more than double the power output at 3 watts.

  4. ASUS MS-100 USB speakers are designed to look sharp and striking, thanks a lot for sharing this phenomenal post. I also share some point about Asus issues.

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