Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Motherboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Motherboard Layout Part 1
  4. Motherboard Layout Part 2
  5. BIOS Screenshots
  6. Test Bench and Methodology
  7. 3DMark 11: Performance Preset Benchmark
  8. PCMark 7 Benchmark
  9. PCMark Vantage x64 Benchmark
  10. PCMark Vantage HDD Benchmark With Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 90GB SSD
  11. AS SSD Benchmark With Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 90GB SSD
  12. USB 3.0 transfer speed- Download/Upload with Kingston 64GB HyperX USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  13. LST Benchmark
  14. MaxxMem² Benchmark
  15. Conclusion

AMD FX Vishera processors are going to be around for a while. For a matter of fact, they’re going to be introduced with 2 newer chipsets with bumped clock speed and higher-than-FX 8350 TDP of 220 W.

AMD plans to stick with piledriver architecture throughout 2013, so AMD 990FX and 970 chipsets are going to be around.

The last time when I’ve reviewed the 990FX motherboards was with AMD 965 BE. But thanks to few good friends who have given a chip, the Asus Sabertooth 990FX 2.0 will be tested with FX-8350 and compared with the Crosshair V Formula-Z.


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