Asus’ X79 Motherboards lineup Revealed and Features explained

  1. Introduction
  2. x79 Sabertooth TUF Series
  3. Asus Republic of Gamers Rampage IV Extreme
  4. P9X79/P9X79 Pro/P9X79 Deluxe

Asus has revealed their motherboard lineup that are powered up by Intel X79 Chipsets.

asus x79, x79, X79 Sabertooth

The following are the X79 series boards and its features that we will see from Asus.

Asus revealed X79 Series boards from 3 segments: High end Republic of Gamers catering the needs of both extreme overclockers and gamers, the Mid end TUF series catering the mainstream crowd and Value series.


  1. Great coverage Sorcerer nice to see things from a enthusiast's perspective rather than regurgitated press releases that some other sites put up as articles Asus have always appealed to the enthusiast in our hearts with there products especially more so with ROG lineup but in the Indian context we have consider their less than great service although i am hearing things are starting to become better

  2. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing the information about Asus’ X79 Motherboards.

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