Asus’ X79 Motherboards lineup Revealed and Features explained

  1. Introduction
  2. x79 Sabertooth TUF Series
  3. Asus Republic of Gamers Rampage IV Extreme
  4. P9X79/P9X79 Pro/P9X79 Deluxe

We started off with X79 Sabertooth TUF series motherboards:
[cf]sabertoothx79showcase[/cf] The X79 Sabertooth is armed with Thermal Armor, Thermal Radar, Newer Digi+ Power Control, TUF components and Asus’ SSD Caching.


Asus has not the same Armour ‘vest’ design as they did on P67 Sabertooth.


There is a heat pipe connected from the VRM to the Stacked-fin MOSFET sink with a fan for active cooling. The fan will suck air in and blow through the the rear I/O and through the lower part of the heatsink.


The PCH is cooled in the same manner with a stacked fin heatsink design. Asus has also said that they’ve used thermal strips rather than using thermal compounds (or paraffin wax) as they are more long lasting compared to other choices. They said that the fans are of better built quality so they will aid in active cooling.

There are vents on the I/O shield: this way the heat that is dissipated can come out through the vents.


One thing you’ll have to keep in mind: This board uses Iron Ferrite chokes rather than Alloy Chokes.


One of the reason being the chokes take lesser space on the board compared on alloy chokes, but they have used rust-proof coating on the chokes.
There are 2 more features that are implemented on X79 Chipset boards from Asus. The first is a very welcomed “Bios Print” feature where you can take screenshots of the UEFI and save it on the flash drive.

The second is the Bios Flashback feature. You plug your flash drive with the newer UEFI and press the bios button on the rear I/O shield. Another beauty of this is that as long as the board is powered up even without the memory and the processor, the new UEFI will be flashed on the board.

For now, both the features will be present on X79, but no information was given about other Chipset boards.


The X79 Sabertooth and the P9X79 series boards come with Asus SSD Caching feature. SSD Caching works on these boards via Marvel 9128 SATA controller that powers up 2 SATA ports.

Unlike in Intel SRT where its a 4 step process (plugging in SSD/HDD, setting BIOS, configuring the SRT software and reinstalling the OS, Asus’ SSD caching promises it to reduces to 2 steps and does not require OS re-installation or Bios setup, thus making it more user friendly and reducing the hassle of reinstalling the operating system. Asus also promises that the system will be 35% times faster system boot than the average bear and the 3x times lower transfer time.
All the X79 boards will also support DRAM SPD information feature, where it will help you to identify memory issues in the DIMM slots.

Now coming to the TUF Thermal Radar:



The X79 Sabertooth comes with 12 thermal sensors and 6 4-pin fan controllers (out of which 1 is occupied for the 3 pin MOSFET fan) and voltage monitor. Now I did ask CPU thermal sensor and it uses the processor’s thermal sensor, but they did think of putting their own sensor for the CPU on the board.

There are 5 fan control profiles includes the disable option. There is also a manual control where you can increase/decrease the fan speed and monitor the temperature at the same time, giving you more control over the motherboard.

Asus implemented the newer Digi+ power control for both CPU and DRAM


The Digi+ Power control monitors and controls the current, voltage frequency and the power phase control for the DRAM, thereby giving a ‘server-grade’ control and stability. Top all of this with the usual 5 year warranty under TUF series, this board packs a lot of punch (feature wise) for mainstream users.


  1. Great coverage Sorcerer nice to see things from a enthusiast's perspective rather than regurgitated press releases that some other sites put up as articles Asus have always appealed to the enthusiast in our hearts with there products especially more so with ROG lineup but in the Indian context we have consider their less than great service although i am hearing things are starting to become better

  2. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing the information about Asus’ X79 Motherboards.

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