Audio-Technica introduces six models of SonicFuel series IEMs

Audio-Technica finally is in touch with us and started off with letting us know that they’ve introduced its SonicFuel series of IEMs. The models that the company has released are

The MSRP of these IEMs being between Rs. 2,699/- to and Rs. 5,299/- INR.

IEM models CKX9iS and X9 are with drivers, a carrying case and provide a variety of ear tips & even Comply foam tips. Except for the iS versions, the IEMs comes with a microphone and cord-mounted remote for call answering/voice over control purposes.

The ATH-CKX5iS and ATH-CKX5 headphones use a ‘360-degree rotating eartips’ and ‘high-quality’ compact drivers for impactful bass and isolation. ATH-CKX7iS and ATH-CKX7 also have 360-degree rotating eartips but with flat cords with an ample supply of eartips and comply foam tips with a carrying case.

All of these IEMs are with a one-year warranty.


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