BBQ Pipebomb EP.04: Quaking about Quake, Dreamhack in India, Intel, AMD, ASROCK and ASUS!

Today we talk about Intel 14nm whoopsie-doo and AMD Ryzen, ASRock Phantom’s 2.5x misfire, ROG next-gen motherboard support for 32GB DIMMs, games, Quake Champions, Dreamhack in India and a lot more in the middle!

This is the ‘Pipebomb’ podcast Episode FOUR from Hardware BBQ! Like, share and subscribe!

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PC Hardware we talked about

● Intel 14nm CPUs
● AMD Ryzen CPUs
● ASROCK Phantom next gen updates
● Realtek 2.5 Gigabit LAN
● ASUS ROG next gen updates

Games the stuff we talked about

● Far Cry 5
● Quake Champions
● Just Cause 4

News we talked about:

Intel 14nm woes

Far Cry 5 HD Texture packs

● Quake Champions Frothy’s ‘The Longest Yard’ Map Overview

Quake Champions free to play on Steam (Steam Link)

● Just Case 4 gameplay presentation

● ASRock Phantom Update and Radeon speculation


Dreamhack for the first time in India!!

Indian Games Expo

Movie Recommendation


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