BBQ Pipebomb EP03: Nvidia RTX LULZ, Valve talks about PC game controllers PC, DIRT Rally 2.0

Today on BBQ Pipebomb, we about launch dates and delays, 32GB worth of meat on a stick, Dirt Rally 2.0 trailer, Snake Oil re-inventers and crowdfunded companies going bust, Electroneum going up, GALAX OC Lab edition OC pots for graphics cards and Steam data about the number of gamers who use game controller- SEE I TOLD YOU!!!!

Games the stuff we talked about:

● Dirt Rally 2.0 Trailer


News we talked about:

● Nvidia lulz- RTX 2070 and RTX 2080Ti
● Dirt Rally 2.0
ZADAK 32GB-in-a-stick
Snake Oil inventors? Famous crowdfunding campaigns going bust? Who would have thought??
● Electroneum is climbing up!
● GALAX OC Edition LN2 Pots and graphics card
Steam data about USB game controllers

The hardware we talked about:

A single stick of ZADAK 32GB 3200MHz DDR- The Shield Aura 2! 
● Nvidia RTX 2070
● Nvidia RTX 2080Ti
● Noctua CPU cooler
● A bunch of USB and non-USB game controllers
● GALAX HOF OC Edition Graphics cards
Fidget USB Controller of Kickassery

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Intro and Outro Music Credit: Dandy’s Little Monsters by The Zombie Dandies. Dandy’s Little Monsters by The Zombie Dandies is licensed under an Attribution License.

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