BBQ Pipebomb Podcast Episode TWO

This is the ‘Pipebomb’ podcast Episode TWO!! from Hardware BBQ! Like, share and subscribe or else you will miss the awesomesauce! With today’s pipebomb, we talk about gaming peripherals, twitch/youtube gaming, China bans and VPNs, eating chocomedu and the secret mic!

Games the stuff we talked about



Game channels shout-out


News we talked about

● Twitch banned in China
● VPN Vs Ban
● A very small rant about terrible writers covering tech
● Gaming chairs being compatible with XBox One and PS4? WTF??
● Why no gamepads speakers and mics for the PCMR???
● The good days when ATP3 and MX5021 ruled the world!
● Do component sales even need to be looked at every year??
● Gamers, Streamers, podcasters!
● Nvidia DLSS Titles and losing the plot!
● AMD Radeon Navi
● PCMR needs a win!

The hardware we talked about

● Netgear BR500 VPN router
● New HyperX SSDs
● TeamGroup’s RGB stuff
● GALAX Xanova
● HP and Lenovo Peripherals
● Logitech and Steelseries
Razer Seiren Pro
● Razer Seiren X
● Blue Microphones now owned by Logitech
Samson Q2U
● Audio-Technica ATR-2100 USB
● AmazonBASICS microphones
HyperX unnamed microphone

Recommended hardware

Ammoon MS-12 Mini Foldable Desktop Tabletop Tripod
Samson Q2U USB/XLR Microphone


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