Belkin acquires Linksys home networking business

Belkin recently announced in its press release that they are acquiring Cisco’ home networking brand Linksys. Cisco didn’t reveal how much they had to pay to acquire the home networking brand, but according to Belkin, it will account for approximately 30% of home and small business networking marketing in the United States.

The company CEO Chet Pipkin added:

With complementary innovation and engineering strategies in the combined organization, Belkin will be able to create new opportunities for consumers, distribution partners and resellers, and will have the strongest retail presence in the U.S. networking marketplace. Belkin also will have access to a large installed base that will be able to upgrade their networking environment to take advantage of new technologies in the smartphone, tablet, notebook and home automation arenas. Additionally, Linksys will enhance Belkin’s capabilities to meet the needs of the service provider space and small business users.”

Linksys was acquired by Cisco in 2003, but during last month, Cisco planned to sell the brand with Barclays’ help.

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