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Biostar B550GTQ lists all the Ryzen 4000G, Pro and GE SKUs

Biostar listed all the Ryzen 4000G APUs with some information. This was on the B550GTQ motherboard’s CPU support list before it was taken down. But it showed all the upcoming Renoir-based Ryzen 4000 series Accelerated Processing Units (APU). Just very recently, another motherboard listing confirmed more information.  The listing of SKUs on a motherboard support list also indicates its inevitable release, most likely on June with the B550 motherboards are listed for sale.

Gigabyte did it, too! Why should Biostar have all the fun? 

June is going to an interesting month…

ProcessorProcessor ModelsSpec/OPN#CPU SpeedWatts
Ryzen 5PRO 4400G100-0000001433.70 GHz65W
Ryzen 54400GE100-0000001503.30GHz35W
Ryzen 3PRO 4200G100-0000001483.80 GHz65W
Ryzen 34200GE100-0000001513.50 GHz35W
Ryzen 7PRO 4700G100-0000001453.60 GHz65W
Ryzen 74700GE100-0000001493.10GHz35W
Ryzen 74700G100-0000001463.60 GHz65W

The paper specification of the  Ryzen 7 4700G is put together from different sources. It is an eight core-sixteen thread CPU using VEGA 8 graphics.  This CPU has a 65W TDP with base/boost clock of 3.6 GHz/ 4.4 GHz. Powerful little chip comes with some caveats, however. The AMD Ryzen 4000G APUs does not provide PCIe 4.0 lanes. It also inherits the limited x8 PCIe 3.0 lanes for the PCIe x16 slot. But there is the Ryzen 7 3850X and the 3750X Matisse refresh destined to be released soon(?).

Renoir APUs will have three sub-variants released together

AMD will have sub-variants in this APU lineup, the standard G, Pro and low-powered GE units. All the APUs fall under 65w or 35w TDP rating. The standard G and the Pro variants have the higher TDP rating, likely to have a higher core/ thread count than the GE variants.

AMD also will release the A520 chipsets by September. These are intended for low-budget builds but motherboard manufacturers like ASUS have gaming some culture on these. So others are highly likely to do the same.

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