Bitfenix teases Prodigy for mATX formfactor

Bitfenix once that one of the most common feedback that they’ve received was that their prodigy case should at the very least able to install a mATX form-factor motherboard. It makes a lot of sense since for most type of end users they wouldn’t need an array of PCI/PCIe slots and manufacturers are able to provide almost all the connectors that you would expect on a standard ATX form factor.

Bitfenix put up 3 pictures of their newer case, possibly the mATX design version of Prodigy. The Front panel has circular hole type design on the front where the sides have a mesh running from the front and towards the top panel.

The company makes sure that the pictures were vague enough to make people squeal and hope that it turns out to be a mATX version of Prodigy. In anyways, we’ll get to know during Computex 2013.


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