LULZBBQ: Bollywood rip-off movie version of ‘Watch Dogs’ coming soon

Many Indians (and some Indians) will know that few people in the Indian cinema industry have ripped off either certain aspects, looks of the lead character or a complete theme of either a movie from another country.


The level of ripping off has evolved a bit (not in a good way) when one of Abhishek Bachhan’s movie ‘Dhrona’ (or something like that) took some inspiration from (a piss poor version judging by the trailer) Prince of Persia game. And it didn’t stop there. But this story takes the cake as the overall theme of Ubisoft’s released game ‘Watch Dogs’ is ripped off. One maybe tempted to ask the question to the ‘writer’ of the low-budget movie (assuming it is): “What were you thinking???? And you thought no1 will notice???”

Mind you, this is not just for a poster or a dress code of a lead character, but it seems that the entire movie is based on the look and feel of the recently released Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. The trailer was also recently launched:

The trailer shows that the lead character of the movie is planning to commit a series of bomb blasts by hacking satellites  via an extraordinary software he built to track terrorism in the first place (but got caught as one) and a mobile phone….and they apparently some thugs also kidnapped some damsel like you’ll see in a typical cheesy movie. While the trailer almost doesn’t show some of the game’s theme until the last section where it shows the release date and part of the credits (and an attempt to hack using a mobile), the promotional materials of the movie such as posters strongly implies that its using a part of the game’s overall plot.

Its uncertain whether or not Ubisoft would be doing anything about it, but we’ve asked a question to a PR just to confirm that this isn’t some sort of a promotional. Till then, enjoy the lulz! The movie (assuming it would be allowed) will be releasing on June 13th at a cinema near you! The game on the hand was released during this week and available in India for PC, PS3, PS4 Xbox One and Xbox 360. We’re also working on a review (of the game) as well.

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