Brainwavz XFit XF200 Noise Isolating Sport IEM Earphone Review


Brainwavz Audio started a few years ago,  primarily making earphones, headphones and DACs. The company mostly competes in the budget space and their earlier offerings I heard were very good and value for money. The earphone reviewed here is the Brainwavz Xfit XF200 which is meant for people listening to earphones in the gym or doing other physical activities.

As such its one of the cheaper sports related earphones around. Brainwavz doesn’t say whether these earphones are water resistant since people who do sports sweat a lot but in my limited usage they didn’t give me any problems even when I was profusely sweating when I eating something spicy. Unfortunately, my lifestyle is not overly compatible with sports so my testing of these earphones is down to only using them as ordinary earphones and not as sports earphones.

In-Line Features

The XF200 comes with a built-in volume control and mute switch which worked very well. The fit is something that can be problematic depending on the person. I for one had issues getting a good seal. Thankfully I have a large collection of ear tips so I found something that fit me well but my ears are not a standard size so most people won’t face the same issues with fit as I did.


One thing I must commend Brainwavz for is the nice hard pouch that they provide with the earphones. The pouch is very well designed and looks classy to boot. Considering the low price of the earphones finding a nice pouch is a good bonus. There is also a pair of Comply foam tips which are nice but foam tips have a life of a few months only and replacing them can be an expensive affair. So it’s not recommended to use them unless you are willing to spend Rs 1200 for a pack of three tips which should last you around 6 – 9 months depending on how much you use them.

That said, these comply tips are very comfortable and if you have a budget they are very good. They do provide regular silicon tips in small, medium, large and bi-flange.

The specs and features are as follows:

Sound Quality

I usually test earphones from my phone since that is where most of us will use such earphones. However, I wanted to test these earphones with the best source and amp that I have and I felt the sonic improvement was marginal but noticeable. The bass especially seemed to come out well when properly amped. This means if you use a high-end phone with a good built-in DAC these earphones will perform better. Many cheaper earphones don’t offer much improvement when amped or paired with a better source simply because their drivers are not very good and nothing will improve the sound quality.

These earphones are pretty bassy and should satisfy most bass lovers even ardent bassheads! Midbass is there which means that bass becomes ‘boomy’. The XF200 can belt out some decent sub bass which can be pretty satisfying. However overall the boomy bass can be either very satisfying or very irritating depending on how much bass you like. Personally, I like my bass tighter due to the type of music I listen to. Bassheads, however, will be very happy!

The XF200 has a very decent mid-range but I found the bass can overpower it a bit leading to the midrange sounding a bit recessed. However, if you are listening to stuff like podcasts where there is only vocals the earphone can give a good performance as the mids are pretty clear if a little cold.

The treble the XF200 portrays can be a little harsh depending on the source and track you listen to but otherwise is very decent but lacks much extension so those cymbal crashes and guitar plucks don’t sound as good. Soundstaging is average to decent. Not a focus of the earphones but not bad either.


So to sum up the Brainwavz XF200 has one trump card and that is Bass! Bass! and more Bass!!!! Bass lovers will find this earphone very good. And while I don’t listen much to bassy tracks I tried a few to test the earphones and I must admit perhaps the reason I don’t listen to such music is that none of my existing earphones can produce so much bass. This includes my $400 Sennheiser HD650 and my modded Yamaha YH-100 headphones.

For the price, they are good earphones but their V-shaped sound means they are better suited for some genres than for others.

I must note is that the bundled accessories are brilliant and class leading. There is nothing more than I can ask Brainwavz to add to the bundle at this price point and no one else gives such a good case & comply tips at this price point. For people who want a more neutral sound, the XF200 can deliver as well as mids and treble are decent. However, this is clearly not for people who love music with a lot of rich voices. I found many classical tracks with rich male and female voices sounding rather ordinary with these earphones. If your music collection has mostly modern artists these earphones should do justice to such music.

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