Broadwell for Intel Desktops delayed

Through 2013-14, Intel will be sticking with Haswell and even releasing the refresh lineup for their mainstream desktop processor roadmap, maybe with the new CPU stepping and a new chipset. What was surprising to see is the absence of Broadwell lineups in Intel’s Lineup.

It was being revealed by a source in Computex 2013 that Intel will be focusing on Haswell until Early 2015 at the very least, possibly pushing or even removing the Broadwell lineup from the timeframe.

Meanwhile, the refresh Haswell Series will most likely have boost in clock speed, followed by series of mainstream and unlocked processor versions. The refreshed chipset is Z97, which was planned to be launched along with Broadwell lineups, but now is said to come with Haswell’s refreshed versions.


This chipset is said to have features such as 1000 MB/s SATA Express interface with one of the slots to provide bandwidth for mass storage, followed by Boot Guard and Intel Device Protection which is said to protect the system from low-level malware attacks which bypasses the operating system. Most likely these refresh may come during Q2 2014, most likely during CeBIT.

What also being said that there will also be Haswell-E High End LGA socket 2011 V2 which would be paired with Intel X99 chipset, similar to Grantley server platform for Intel Haswell-EP Xeon E5 V3 CPU.

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