Canonical finally added SSD TRIM support for Ubuntu

Canonical finally implemented a feature which is now considered as standard in any current operating systems- TRIM. For those who do not know, TRIM refreshes and extends your SSD’s NAND lifespan by letting the OS to erase blocks of data that not required. This is the only way which is possible to maintain performance and lifespan.

Microsoft implemented TRIM support in 2009,  whereas Apple implemented it in 2011 for their OSX OS. Android also received TRIM support during July 2013. Linux Kernel did have a TRIM implementation in 2008 however it was turned off due to performance concerns. Canonical seem to have worked on it, and hard work seem have paid off, therefore being the first  within the Linux based OS to do so for Ubuntu. The next version Ubuntu, 14.04, will have the TRIM support enabled by default.


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