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CapFrameX benchmarks Core i7-11700K with new BIOS, compared with Core i9-10900K

Thanks to MindFactory selling those Core i7-11700K accidentally is that many reviewers are able to get their hands on it. Dr Ian Cutress of Anandtech and Game benchmark tool CapFrameX were among the two who disclosed and published their findings, with Ian running it through a battery of benchmarks and CapframeX running game benchmarks. The benchmarks between the two cannot be compared, with CapFrameX only having a set of game benchmarks. But the main takeaway during this conversation is that CapFrameX said they tested it with a relatively new BIOS. Without knowing any information, it could be anything between an optimized BIOS or a BIOS with updated microcode from Intel.

The Ballard of the Core i7-11700K

We’ve read Dr Ian Cutress early review with a plethora of benchmarks which takes 36 hours to complete. So what we’ve seen in that review is the performance we can expect as the things are left at the time of the review. But irrespective of the performance, the power consumption and the heat, It generated was a bigger concern.

And then there’s CapFameX screenshot include gaming benchmarks. While it is not as comprehensive as Dr Ian’s review, it does mention a new BIOS was used. CapFrameX also compared the Intel Core i7-11700K with the Intel Core i9-10900K Comet Lake which currently sold for US$ 467. This single test includes three games- Crysis Remastered, CyberPunk 2077 and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Core i7-11700K Early Benchmark CapframeXConsistently, the testing was done with an RTX 3090 in DX12 mode but with Ray Tracing off but uses different memory configurations- 2x 16GB dual ranked 2933 MHz DDR4 on the Core i9-10900K Vs 4x 8GB single linked 3200MHz on the Core i7-11700K. We also don’t know the timings. Therefore, before considering these benchmarks on their own, we still need to consider there are discrepancies in the setups.

While it’s not groundbreaking we’d like to see on a new architecture, it does seem to have a better performance boost over the Core i9 Comet Lake CPU. We also need to consider that we’re comparing Comet Lake-S i9-10900K which has a ten-core/ 12 thread CPU against a Core i7-11700K, a Rocket Lake CPU with eight-core/ 16-thread CPU.

The tale of Two BIOS (and setups)

It is still not a lot. A lot can be changed testing between two CPUs, especially with 2 different kits used for both CPUs. There’s also the BETA BIOS, which, to be fair, could have its microcode be improved or changed when the public version is out via respective motherboard makers. There’s also the power consumption factor, something that a lot of people have overlooked while compared Dr Ian’s work with a single benchmark with three games. This is all fascinating to read and try to understand. But it is best not to take it as a fact set on a stone until the reviews are out. New microcodes in BIOS fixes issues. And these are unreleased products. So let’s hope for the best. After all, Intel or AMD, Radeon or Nvidia, we want the best stuff with plenty of stocks to maintain pricing.

The Rocket Lake CPU reviews will be out by March 30th by respective review websites. For now, these 11th gen early reviews only include Core i7-11700K, while there are respective SKUs within Core i5, Core i7 and the Core i9. The Rocket Lake CPUs does work on Intel 400 series motherboards after a BIOS update, but Z590 motherboards are available at the time of writing.

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