Caselabs shuts down, files for bankruptcy and liquidating

Premium Made-to-Order PC Case manufacturer shuts down, issues statement

Caselabs made an abrupt announcement that it is shutting down and therefore won’t be manufacturing and selling any of its PC cases.

Caselabs is known to be a premium aluminium case manufacturer with tailor-made options where end users can select before placing an order. However, the pricing of its base models alone wards away the majority of the community. As it turned out over the years, did help build a sub-niche of enthusiasts and end users. Champagnes and caviars!

Reason for shutting down…

Caselabs and its parent company ‘California Fabrication Company’ indicated its shutting down due to the tariff on aluminium. The company also blamed an unnamed account which defaulted without payment, though the specifics weren’t given. The company even tried to make a possible deal which would allow them to function which unfortunately did not happen. Clearly, CaseLabs tried really hard to keep going.

The following statement was made on Facebook and Twitter:

The company usually keeps a very low-profile compared to a much larger PC chassis manufacturer. An exception when the company used social media alleging Thermaltake’s Shannon Robb stealing Mercury S8 design, eventually leading to the Core X9. While taking inspiration from rival brands is fairly common, what eventually transpired leading to the situation created a debate. A majority of the people taking sides for multiple reasons- one supporting Caselabs and another against it. I also remember a review from TekSyndicate calling the Core X9 as the poor man’s Caselabs. Eventually, the video review was quietly taken down. If the details of the interaction between them during an expo is to be believed, it was very distasteful. We’ll never know the true story and CaseLabs issued an apology. Like many things, most did not care eventually and moved on.

The only part is left to say is best of luck to their future endeavours and its been a great ride. It is not easy to start something with passion and an idea in a field where others brands do that on a much larger, global scale. We hope those who placed the orders at an earlier date get what they ordered for or a refund.

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