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Your Source for PC Gaming news of all genres, mods and gameplay. While we dont cover eSports, we would post some relevant bits and pieces.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete edition for PC on Steam and EPIC Games

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC starts pre-order on EPIC Games and STEAM

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC is announced and ready for pre-order. This game that was once a PlayStation 4 exclusive is now listed on Steam and Epic Games. The game will be ready to be played on the August 7th. What makes this a very tempting game to pick on a PC platform is its offering. It doesn’t look like another sloppy port, at least judging by the trailer.
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Corsair SFX Platinum Series

Corsair recalls SFX Platinum series PSUs worldwide

The defect on the SFX Platinum series triggered when operated at high temperature and humidity. The problem with these affected units can be apparent either when it’s brand new or something that manifests in time eventually. Therefore even if you didn’t experience this issue, you should replace it. The specific problem occurs on the primary side of the PSU. Corsair said that since it is entirely isolated from the DC side, it will not affect any components.
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