CCI clears all unfair trade allegations by Intel India

The Competition Commission of India, a fair trade watchdog, ruled in Intel India’s favour that it did not abuse its dominant position in the microprocessors market by restricting and limiting the distribution network to its competitors.

The complaint was made almost 3 years ago when one of their non-exclusive independent distributor for intel, India ESYS Information Technologies, filed a complain against the chipmaker, specifically Intel Hongkong and Intel Technology India. The complain pointed out that Intel allegedly abused its dominant position in the microprocessor market. The complain also stated that Intel imposed anti-competitive agreements and unfair pricing practices.

intel-logoCCI submitted its report, stating that Intel has not ‘imposed supplementary conditions or leveraged its dominant position in the market of high-demand products in the market for low-demand products’. It also pointed out that since there was no case made out against Intel, under the Competition act the matter and proceedings are being disposed of. The report also stated that the alleged pricing policy did not amount to secondary line price discrimination, and therefore resulted in foreclosure of any of its downstream customers.

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