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Google puts up information about censorship requests

Google is working hard to prove that its practising its own informal motto “Don’t Be Evil&quot as its showing the world it’s inner functioning by publishing Transparency Program- where it shows the world all the statistics related to taking down notices and other removal requests.

These reports show how the internet is being censored by the truckload. However, Google does not simply comply with everything, rather it removes only things which it deems fit for removal. A Detailed report can be found here. This shows how the world’s leaders are really censoring the net in ways that benefit them and not the common man. So much for democracy eh.

[quote]……Google continues to be an open company when it comes to censorship and the like and has released its biannual Global Transparency Report which details take-down requests by people. In the past six months, Google said it saw an “alarming” number of Government requests, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1000 for the period…..[/quote]

Source: TweakTown

[quote]….Google has revealed that it removed 640 videos from YouTube that allegedly promoted terrorism after receiving a request from the UK’s Association of Police Officers, but it refused to give in to censorship demands by a number of the world’s governments….[/quote]

Source: VR-Zone

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