China most likely to end 13-year ban on sale of foreign game consoles

If companies behind their respected gaming consoles Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft agree to make their consoles in Shanghai’s new free trade zone, China will most likely end a 13 year long ban of the sales of gaming consoles. Taiwan based Hon Hai Precision that runs with their trademark name ‘Foxconn’ make Nintendo Wii, whereas Flextronics makes Xbox consoles, followed by Sony, Hon Hai and Pegatron making PlayStation 3, though its unsure who would be making PS4.

This is one of the moves made by Premier Li Keqiang who intends to make their economy open to the foreign currencies and ensure that their currencies are more widely used.

But this doesn’t come with many flexibilities. The console manufactures will have to make certain changes on consoles that will be sold in China, such as removing social network integrations like Facebook and Twitter as their are currently being banned.

This isn’t the first time a manufacturer had to do this exclusively for China. Apple has made iPhones to comply with Chinese regulations. The ban was also enforced for so many years, reason being that the Chinese government is concerned about the violent content in games which may cause mental health problems.


Currently, these consoles are only available in China via the black market and pirated game discs are available easily.

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