China is now the world’s Leading PC Market

According to a report made by IHS iSuppli, China is the leading PC Market on an annual basis in 2012. The United States holds the second place with 3 Million units away from them. It is the only country who have approximately 50-50 percent of PC consumption by a consumer Vs. Commercial purposes, unlike rest of the world which maintains a 65%:35% Consumer: Commercial PCs.

Despite this behavioural pattern, it shows that PC Market demand is weaker than mobile devices, it is predicted that there will be a growth of 2-3% in 2013.

It’s been reported that there were 69 Million units that were shipped to China during 2012. During 2011, it was United States was leading PC Market. Peter Lin, the senior analyst for compute platforms in IHS said,”The equal share of shipments for desktops and notebooks in China is unusual since consumers in most regions today tend to prefer agiler mobile PCs, rather than the bulky, stationary desktops. The relatively large percentage of desktop shipments in China is due to a huge demand in the country’s rural areas, which account for a major segment of the country’s 1.34 billion citizens. These consumers tend to prefer the desktop form factor.”

However, it’s been predicted that notebook sales will surpass desktop sales in China by 2014. But it still looks favourable for PC brands as China’s PC Market will hold its position as the larger consumer of PCs for a very long time, that would give a window of opportunity for them to expand and grow their business.

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