CM Devastator Gaming Gear Combo Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Contents and Specifications
  3. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Keyboard
  4. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Mouse
  5. NKRO/6KRO Testing
  6. Conclusion

I reviewed few mechanical keyboards and mouse not-t00-long ago. A lot of people love mechanical keyboards as soon as they were able to get used to it, especially those who have been using membrane keyboards for a very long time. After ditching dual sensors long time ago, CM mouse lineups were also being loved by a lot of gamers, especially the fact that they’ve made a very good mouse specifically for those who claw grip- CM Spawn and CM Xornet. CM Recon also made a pretty good impression.

There’s also the need of having cheap keyboards and mouse as well. While membrane keyboards even with basic multimedia keys do end up being a good choice for PC gamers with a restricted budget, in most cases they end up having a need for backlit as well. Microsoft did have a Sidewinder keyboards catering to this not-so-small amount of users, but then it sold way too quickly than one would imagine. For gaming, getting a mouse within a restricted budget is not an easy task.

That’s where the combo has its usefulness. To my knowledge Razer had a keyboard-mouse gaming combo for a brief moment, though I am uncertain if they had backlit on the keyboards, or how good or bad they were.

In any case, Coolermaster did the right thing by having a gaming gear combo catering to this specific budget restriction and basic requirement. While one would imagine that combo kits like this would be an instant bestseller I think there’s no harm in checking out how good this combo really is!


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  1. for $30 it is pretty good. i think if cm can provide atleast a guaranteed 3KRO then it should be pretty awesome. i think that bios backlit is one of those weird issues, but its interesting to see it worked with a ps/2 port. maybe the roll over works with ps/2 port as well?

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