CM India launched gaming mice: Alcor and Mizar

Alcor Alcor_spec

Coolermaster India launched two of its newest gaming mice: Alcor and Mizar. The Alcor uses Avago 3090 optical sensor with a very light weight of 121 grams, and emphasizes for FPS and RTS gaming. The mouse’s physical layout is based on a ‘classic’ ergonomic design for right-handed users.


The Mizar uses Avago 9800 laser sensor, and can go up to 8200 DPI. The mouse has rubber pads on both sides of the mouse for better grip and comfort. The Mizar comes with its software where you can change the CM Storm logo colour, along with button assignments, macro editing and other tweaks that you would require to do.

I’ve tested these two mice, so expect a review soon. For now, the Alcor comes with an MRP tag of Rs. 3,799/- and Mizar is tagged with Rs. 4,4499/- MRP.

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