CM India outs N300 and N500 PC Chassis

Coolermaster launches 2 mid tower cases: N300 and N500.

N300 comes with a choice of either single/dual USB 3.0 support and windowed side panel option. A 240mm radiator can be installed on the right sidepanel and allows you to install up to 8 HDDs and graphic cards as long as 12.6″. The MRP for this case is Rs. 3,999/-.

CM’s other case, N500, has the same mounting for 240mm radiators, but on the top panel. And to top it off you can either install 2x 120 or 140mm fans. You can mount up to 4x 2.5″ drives, with one of them using the 3.5″ bay, and up to 4x 3.5″ drive, assuming one of the mounts is not used for 2.5″ drives.

N500 comes with an MRP of Rs. 4,999/-.




This case allows you to install up to 12.6″ long cards, keeping GPUs like GTX 690 and AMD HD 7990 in mind. Also, this has a choice of single/dual USB 3.0 and standard with 2x fan mount/windowed sidepanel option.




If you’re wondering how to differentiate cases with single/dual USB 3.0 with/without windowed side panel, then the ones with 1x USB 3.0 ports come with the model “KKN1 / KWN1” with W points that its a windowed sidepanel, whereas KKN2/ KWN2 for 2x USB 3.0. As usual, you can always use the rear fan mount for mounting 120mm radiators.

Both cases come with 2x ‘sickleflow’ 120mm fans. The rest of the specifications are as follows:

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