CM launches QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard

CM launched a new keyboard similar to CM Storm QuickFire Rapid, except that this one has backlit LED and now a numpad section. There are choices of 3 mechanical switch types with each having different backlit colour: Red keys will have Red LED, Blue MX keys will have blue whereas brown   keys will have white Backlit.

The features are as follows:



The QuickFire TK comes with a suggested price of  Rs 6,799/– in India, but if you’re in U.S. a Cherry MX Blue version of the motherboard will cost $90 via Amazon. CM gives this keyboard with 2 years of warranty period.

During last week, CM also sent an update about releasing HAF XB in India as well, with an MRP of Rs. 8,499/- and with 1 year warranty period. Officially the motherboard support ATX form factor motherboard, however as shown in OCN forums, unofficially you can fit E-ATX motherboard such as Asus’ Rampage VI Extreme.

This is something that I am looking forward to reviewing them.


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