CM Elite 120 Advanced

CM releases Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX case

Although we still need to see a healthy boost of mini-ITX motherboards in India, that isn’t stopping Coolermaster from releasing Elite 120 Advanced, a case made those with Mini-ITX motherboard in mind.

This isn’t the first Mini-ITX chassis that is known to have large clearance for GPU. BitFenix has Prodigy as well. But seeing low profile CPU heatsinks also taking the same trend as well, we might as well see brands concentrating on very efficient 300- 450w keeping such units in mind? Mind you, companies have been doing low-profile CPU heatsinks for a while now, its now due to the form factor and by the looks of things, a custom build to suit HTPC needs looks pretty bright so far.

Small & powerful.

Designed ground up to meet the expectations and challenges of a media centre or small form factor PCs, the Elite 120 Advanced offers some unique features without burning a hole in your pocket. The aluminium front panel lends a classy touch to the whole affair and the chassis blends perfectly in any AV system.

Though small, the Elite 120 Advanced can be used to build a powerful rig. It can easily devour an ATI HD7990 or Nvidia’s GTX 690! The smartly designed thermal management system ensures good ventilation and is optimized for low noise and silent operation.

What’s more, the Elite 120 Advance accepts a standard ATX power supply – Simply plonk any PSU you can lay your hands on. Similarly, the Elite 120 also accepts full size (5.25”) optical drives negating the need for low-profile slot drives, which are expensive and hard to find. Effectively, the Elite 120 Advanced frees you from the problems that have thus far plagued small form factor chassis!

Features galore:

Smart design aside, the Elite 120 offers exciting features all around. It supports up to 5 HDDs or SSDs with an optional dedicated fan to keep the cool. The chassis rail forms an excellent support for hidden cable management system that improves ventilation. Front I/O offers three USB ports – two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 for convenient and blazing fast data transfer. Two fans – one up front and the other at the rear, and perforated side panels ensure excellent airflow to keep the components cool.





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