CM releases list of ‘Haswell-Ready’ power supplies

CM released a list of Haswell-Ready power supplies but also at the same time put up some facts on their website to bust some myths about false information in regards to compatibility factor between Intel’s 4th generation desktop processor and the power supplies.

Many companies have released the list of Haswell-Ready Power supplies in the previous weeks, but CM went ahead and wanted to set some points to re-assure their power supply users. Basically, CM said that motherboard manufacturers will be having an option to toggle On/Off advanced power saving mode, and that according to their knowledge this option will be disabled by default.

To those who don’t know, Haswell Series desktop series have new power state features which would cause systems to shut down mistaking it for a power delivery issue. Though it was earlier thought that Motherboard manufacturers would be having the option to disable the newer power states, however at the time none of the motherboard manufacturers has given any confirmation about this.

CM states the following:
As with many new product launches of this scale, there has been a bit of misinformation spread regarding the recently launched line of 4th Generation Intel processors codenamed Haswell. This has been centered on PSU compatibility with these processors. We would like to clarify the situation to calm and reassure our customers and partners that they will be able to upgrade safely. A full list of Cooler Master power supplies is listed below. Please refer to these quick facts that the public should be aware of.

  •     Most power supplies don’t support Haswell – False
  •     I need a Haswell certified power supply to build a Haswell system – False
  •     Haswell only works with DC-DC Power Supplies – False
  •     Haswell only works with 80+ Gold and better Power Supplies – False
  •     Haswell requires a second 12V rail and doesn’t work with single rail Power Supplies – False
  •     On some older power supplies, Haswell consumes 5W more in idle mode – True

Among other improvements of Intel’s latest Core Processors, power consumption in idle mode has been greatly reduced from around 6W to less than 1W. This might cause some older power supplies to shut the system off when the CPU enters idle mode, or prevent the system from waking up out of sleep mode. To our knowledge all mainboard vendors will disable this advanced power saving mode by default, and no customer upgrading to Haswell should experience any issues whatsoever.

Nevertheless, should customers experience problems or would like to enable the advanced power saving mode on older power supplies that might not support it, there is a simple fix. Simply add a single silent case fan to the system and connect it to the power supply. It should provide enough additional load to keep the system running in an advanced power saving mode.

The only disadvantage would be that power savings in idle mode on such a system would only amount to around 2-3W instead of ~5W.


CM’s compatibility list is pretty extensive, starting from their Elite 350 to V series. The following is the list of Haswell Ready Power Supplies.


V SeriesV1000yes
Platinum SeriesSilent Pro Platinum 1000yes
Silent Pro Platinum 550yes
Gold SeriesSilent Pro Gold 1200yes
Silent Pro Gold 1000yes
Silent Pro Gold 800yes
Silent Pro Gold 700yes
Silent Pro Gold 600yes
Silent Pro Gold 550yes
Silent Pro Gold 450yes
Hybrid SeriesSilent Pro Hybrid 1300yes
Silent Pro Hybrid 1050yes
Silent Pro Hybrid 850yes
M2 SeriesSilent Pro M2 1500yes
Silent Pro M2 1000yes
Silent Pro M2 850yes
Silent Pro M2 720yes
Silent Pro M2 620yes
Silent Pro M2 520yes
Silent Pro M2 420yes
M SeriesSilent Pro M 1000yes
Silent Pro M 850yes
Silent Pro M 720yes
Silent Pro M 620yes
Silent Pro M 520yes
Silent Pro M 420yes
GX2 SeriesGX2 750yes
GX2 650yes
GX2 550yes
GX2 450yes
GX SeriesGX 750yes
GX 650yes
GX 550yes
GX 450yes
GX 400yes
GX LiteGXL 700yes
GXL 600yes
GXL 500yes
I SeriesI700yes
G SeriesG700yes
Thunder M SeriesThunder M 620yes
Thunder M 520yes
Thunder M 420yes
Thunder SeriesThunder 700yes
Thunder 600yes
Thunder 500yes
Thunder 450yes
B SeriesB700yes
Extreme2 SeriesEX2 725yes
EX2 625yes
EX2 525yes
EX2 475yes
ExtremeEX 700yes
EX 650yes
EX 600yes
EX 550yes
EX 500yes
EX 460yes
EX 400yes
EX 350yes
Elite SeriesElite 460yes
Elite 400yes
Elite 350yes


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