CM Storm Rapid-i (SGK-4040-GKCM1) Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

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  3. Closer Look
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Cherry Brown has a little bit stiff than Cherry Red. If you think about it, when you say “Rapid-i” you’d imagine that it’s for a keyboard where user can hit faster keystrokes. I like the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX brown, though brown gives a more ‘control’ while making sure you don’t need to actuate all the way to the bottom like in Cherry blue or have too much feedback like Cherry Black.

The noisiest key is the space bar. Razer’s space bar key has lesser noise, but its the opposite in the case for other keys. The key caps are larger, more comfortable. The implementation of media keys on the special keys area is the best thing to do. There are certain minor nitpicks, like you will need to hit Fn+ F2/F3 whenever you want to increase/ decrease illumination. But in case for the volume controls, you can just hold the keys till your desired level. It’s nothing really to complain about or whine about it (or am I).

I am very satisfied with this keyboard. Probably the only keyboard I’ve tested so far that I’ll feel bad for returning it to Coolermaster. Judging by the ‘signs of abuse ’ and ‘battlescars’ (“F” key’s LED illumination gave out once I was done checking out this keyboard for no reason, but it did trigger the Cross mode LED function) that I’ve seen (and cleaned), the keys work very nicely. The feel of the keys is appreciated and the cross mode illumination function is the best, at least for me. The white LED is not too harsh even with maximum illumination. Plastic balancers FTW!

There’s nothing really annoying about this keyboard that I would need to put a separate pro and con list, except the wobbly edges of the spacebar. You can choose the type of mechanical keys according to your liking. The description of the keys is something that CM should explain on the package to attract non-mechanical keyboard users who are looking for something genuinely good- and this is a genuinely good keyboard.

Just to point out, Coolermaster seem to have ditched the ‘CM Storm’ logo between the special keys and arrow keys as it was present in CM Storm TK keyboard.

Gold Award Rapid-i brown

It’s a solid keyboard and Cherry MX is brilliant for gamers who want this for typing use as well. On top of it, you also get on-the-fly recordable 4x macro buttons smartly placed on the Function buttons. The best keyboard you can have on the desk and perfect for LAN gamers who need more space for the mouse rather than for the keyboard. My only concern is that for a keyboard that has no Numpads, it’s still expensive. But, on the other hand, the built quality is very solid, which may explain the added weight. The edges of the keyboard are not sharp. First-time mechanical keyboard users would probably need the wrist rest. I am used to mechanical keyboards and the obvious thickness it carries, but for those who aren’t used to it will take some time. 3M makes them. I’ve also seen Thermaltake making one too. Maybe CM could see if they would like to do something like that.

With no hesitation and with clarity, this is the best keyboard I’ve tested till date, and its just going to be one of those moments where I would feel to bad that its going back to CM.

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