CM Storm Resonar in-ear gaming earphone Review

CM Storm…IEM?

CoolerMaster renowned for their cooling products have also been launching products for the gaming audio market. Their headsets – CM Sonuz, CM Pulse-R and CM Sirius have all received positive reviews over here.

Now we have a look at the newest gaming IEM – The CM Storm Resonar. The Resonar has a unique feature which they call the ‘Bass FX’ switch. The bass switch claims to be able to tune the bass for a heavier or flatter response which is done by adjusting the position of the magnet which impacts the lower end frequencies. This enables you to do a hardware level tweak of the sound which is something new at this end of the earphone market.

Other than that the CM Storm Resonar has a built-in microphone which works well and flat cable which is a tangle-free wire. CM needs to be given brownie points for launching a product that is a bit different in the already overcrowded In-ear monitor market.



Drivers8mm driver
Frequency range20-20,000Hz
Connections3.5mm gold plated
Cable Length1.3 m
Pickup PatternOmni-directional
Frequency Response100 Hz – 10 kHz
Sensitivity-44 ± 4dB (0dB = 1V/pa.1KHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio58dB or more

Packaging and Build Quality

The CM Storm Resonar is a well-built earphone and everything from the aluminium housings to the well-made, flat cable to the 3.5mm jack seems to be of high quality.

Even the packaging is very good and you feel like you are buying a really premium product. The bundled accessories – the case and the audio splitter cable is of high quality. The only thing really glaring is the spartan ear tips choice. Just 3 ear tips with no double flange tips or any premium type tips. None of the tips that came bundled was a very good fit and I had to dig into my collection of tips from previous earphones to find one that fits perfectly.

To be fair though my ears are not a standard size and I do face fit issues with other in-ear earphones as well. The flat cable allows for tangle-free wiring and the microphonics (the rustling sound you hear when the cable brushes your shirt) is pretty low.

Audio Testing

To be honest I expected the CM Storm Resonar to be an extremely bass-heavy earphone and while not totally untrue it’s still a relatively neutral earphone.

As expected the bass is clearly the focus of the CM Storm Resonar. Unfortunately, a large part of the CM Storm Resonar bass is mid-bass and while the sub-bass can be heard it is largely muffled by the heavier midbass. A little EQ to reduce the midbass can help bring out the lower sub-bass. The speed of the bass is on the slower side, complicated fast-paced passages the bass can seem a bit disjointed from the overall music. That said once you can EQ the bass to your liking the bass can hit hard with some real impact that can put a smile on your face.

The mid-range is thankfully very capable and not drowned out by the bass. With a little EQ to the sub-bass, the mids can shine. Both male and female vocals are rendered quite well.

Treble, unfortunately, is a bit recessed though the CM Storm Resonar can showcase a good amount of detail. However, it’s not on your face like some earphones.

The soundstage is of average size and imaging is also average which isn’t saying much since most IEMs don’t portray a very good soundstage, unfortunately.

The overall sound is a bit dark, but such a sound signature makes for a less fatiguing sound signature. Unless of course, you listen to a lot of bassy tracks where the heavy bass that the CM Storm Resonar can portray can lead to listening fatigue.

The CM Storm Resonar does respond quite favourably to EQ which means you can tune the sound to your tastes.


Coolermaster has another good earphone to add to its already stellar gaming headphone range. While sonically I have a few reservations about the CM Storm Resonar, I have no complaints about the overall build quality and accessories. Perhaps Coolermaster can add more tips in their future IEM launches but other than that there is little they can improve on their packaging and accessories bundle.

The earphone itself is of very high quality from the aluminium housings, the flat wire, 3.5 jack to the built-in mic all scream quality. This is a general trend that I have noticed with all of the CoolerMasters audio gaming headsets.

Coolermaster has priced the earphone at MSRP of Rs. 3,599/- in India which IMO is a bit on the higher side w.r.t. to Sonic capabilities. There is nothing that really stands out in its sound signature for it to really shine at this price point. The street prices should be a bit lower at around Rs. 3,000/- which makes it easier to recommend.

That said it’s still a solid earphone and there is nothing really glaring about the earphone. The excellent bass also goes well with today’s electronic genre.

India (est.) U.S.U.K.
Rs. 3,000/-£39.33



United States


United Kingdom




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