CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G (SGM-6001-KLLW1-GP) Twin Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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  2. Packaging and Specifications
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  5. Conclusion

I had 2 of these units, one of them sent to me later. With the first packaging the product box says its Sentinel Zero-G, but the base of the mouse clearly said Sentinel Advance. For a moment I thought it was the wrong packaging so I got another one and this turned out to be the same.

The mouse and the packaging had the same Serial number. So its obvious it should have the same model number.

 Sentinel AdvanceSentinel Zero-G
Model NumberSGM-6000-KLLW1-GPSGM-6001-KLLW1-GP
Available ColourBlack and GreyBlack and Grey
MaterialRubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal PlateRubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal Plate
Dimensions(L) 135 X (W) 83.5 X (H) 40 mm /  (L) 5.3 X (W) 3.3 X (H) 1.6 inch(L) 135 X (W) 83.5 X (H) 40 mm /  (L) 5.3 X (W) 3.3 X (H) 1.6 inch
Net Weight161.5 g / 0.356 lbs.161.5 g / 0.356 lb
Sensor5600 DPI Storm Tactical™ Twin-laser Sensor5600 DPI Storm TacticalTM Twin-laser Sensor
X and Y Axis ConfigurationIndependent and programmableIndependent and programmable
Maximum Tracking Speed 6.00 m/s 235 IPS235 Inches per sec
Maximum Acceleration 50g50G
Polling Time1.0ms1.0ms
Speed MeasurementReal-timeNot mentioned
Dynamic Surface AdaptationTracks on all surfaces, ensures minimal lift-off distanceNot mentioned
Onboard Memory 64Kb128kb
Form FactorRight Hand ErgonomicRight Hand Ergonomic
Button Assignment88
Illumination IC controlled Illumination with 7 colours and variable lighting effects5
Weight SystemYes, 4.5g X 5 pcsYes, 4.5g X 5 pcs

Physical dimensions are the same by the looks of specs comparison. I had a word with Coolermaster India and this is the reply I’ve received:

There were two versions of the Sentinel – Advance and Zero-G  i.e. SGM-6000-KLLW1-GP and SGM-6001-KLLW1-GP respectively. The one we have given you is Zero-G i.e. SGM-6001-KLLW1-GP. The Zero-G model is the newer one and the changes were new body colour (grey), memory upgrade from 64K to128K and a few tweaks to the sensor.

The box wrongly mentions it as SGM-6001-GLLW1-GP. There is no such model. It’s a clerical mistake and rectified in the recent batches. The laser Sensor sticker is missing from the sample but present on retail products. I hope this clears the confusion.

We good? Yeah. However, its best if the model number in CM Storm’s Zero-G’s page is corrected:

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