CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G (SGM-6001-KLLW1-GP) Twin Laser Gaming Mouse Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. Footnote
  4. Initial Impressions and User Experience
  5. Conclusion

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Rs. 3,279$40.92£45.35

Such a good price and you get 2 years of warranty: a good mouse with a surprisingly better-than-other-mouse build quality but a bad sensor. Ouch! I don’t have a hard surface mat to confirm if it works that way, but a lot of end-users use soft cloth pads, especially LAN gamers. Its a shame that the dual sensor is picky about surfaces. Why should it be picky and drift away to even begin with? Software needs to stop overwriting DPI level if the user has set it on its own, other than that its all good.

Overall quality and features are appreciated but the purpose of a gaming mouse is defeated if the sensor has a mind of its own. So far, my impression of dual laser sensor is that its very picky on surfaces and that’s something which shouldn’t be there.

If anyone plans to use any dual sensor with same issue in their newer gaming mouse? Ditch the b****h!! Even my abused MX518 does not have any drifting issues.

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