CM Storm Trooper: announced and launched in India

Coolermaster India sends an update about the new case they’ve recently launched: CM Storm Trooper

As expected from CM’s storm lineup, this case comes with an array of space and features with design that should attention of gamers with Watercooled workstation systems. This case is a full tower PC Chassis with a massive space enough for an XL-ATX form factor motherboards and GPU as long as 12.7".  Since the case is made of steel, it weighs about 13.7 kgs. Rest of the information is down below.

[showhide type="pressrelease"]Mumbai, India – 11/01/2012 CM Storm, of the Cooler Master Group, unleashes a truly magnificent gaming case, the Trooper. It’s the first in its class to include an ultra-strong grab-handle; allowing a gamer to travel with the finest system configurations with relative ease! CM Storm Trooper includes features most coveted by gaming enthusiasts such as full dust filters, an inbuilt fan controller, an external SSD drive hot-swap dock and two uniquely designed modular hard drive cages, giving it the ability to adapt to workstation or water-cooled gaming configurations easily.

Cutting-edge Innovations The most unique feature the Trooper offers is the 2.5” HDD/SSD X-Dock that allows a gamer to ‘Plug’ an HDD or SSD in a jiffy – a real boon for sharing data quickly at LAN parties! And then there’s the distinctive dashboard, that’s just perfect for controlling fan speed and LED lights on-the-fly! If you still need more reasons, it comes with myriads of ports including the blazing fast USB3.0, e-SATA and front audio controls for added convenience. To make it even more special, the Trooper comes dressed in silky-smooth rubber coating, which protects the case during transportation and adds that extra bit of jazz gamers absolutely adore.

 Versatile Configurations The fully-modular HDD case design brings unimaginable versatility. The two modular cages can take 4 HDDs and a 120mm fan each and can be rotated either front to back or side to side, and if need be, they can be completely removed altogether – a first on any chassis till date! The complete removal of HDD cage enables a water-cooling radiator to be mounted vertically. What’s more, The CM Storm Trooper has nine expansion slots providing support for multi-GPUs in SLI or Crossfire, space for up to 14 hard drives, and a motherboard tray that supports up to XL-ATX. The Trooper is an ideal mobile arsenal to house and transport the most advanced system and cooling setup without breaking your back or the bank!

Cable Management & Storage The Trooper offers innumerable cable management options for that neat and professional look and leads to a properly ventilated system. Smartly engineered cutouts guide the cables where they are intended, reducing clutter. A great deal of hardware can be mounted tool-free thus saving time and energy so that the machine’s up and ready for fragging in no time! As a bonus, the Trooper comes with a small drawer hidden behind a faceplate for keeping utility items like screwdriver, cables etc.[/showhide]


The CM Storm Trooper is priced at Rs 14,000/- (MRP) and carries one year warranty.

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