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PC Case Overview- External

The Masterbox K500L and the MB500 is the same frame with a different front panel option. The Masterbox K500L does not have an RGB controller and the option between full metal and transparent sidepanel option. For some, this would be better since the RGB controller adds up additional cabling. It depends on the person’s preference. But if you choose between the two case, there’s no real difference.

Front Panel Overview

The MB500 and the K500L have the same front I/O options. The MB500 has Reset and Power switches with its respective LED indicator and the HDD indicator, the 3.5mm audio jack connectors and the dual USB 3.0 ports. Just below that there’s a small vent where it faces a part of the top 120mm fan mount. The front mesh is in the same location as on the MB500, but with a different design. It provides ample ventilation for dual 120mm fans installed on the lower side of the front panel.

Rear Panel Overview

The rear panel allows 120mm fan only. All the seven PCIe slots are vented with no dividers in between. These come in the way of graphics cards that are typically dual I/O slot typically. The sides are vented. The removable PSU frame is in place using thumbscrews.

Top/Base Panel Overview

The top panel has a removable magnetic air filter while the base has a basic mesh. While the top panel cleaning is hassle-free, the filter for the PSU fans underneath needs a little thought. Any case, the only way around is just to tilt the system and remove the filter and clean up the area & the filter.

Top Panel Area

The top panel allows mounting of two 120mm fans. the air filter is on the outside and easily removed because of the magnetic strip.

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