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Almost inheriting everything from the MB500…

The only odd part in this is the installation for the front 120mm fan. Also, CM could have corrected by providing additional height and depth to provide more space, such as cut-outs for the lower-left section for the motherboard I/O ports and easily pushing in EPS 8 PIN ATX connector. SATA power connectors could have been provided instead of Molex and even a removable shroud. Depth helps to provide more space behind the motherboard tray. Would you be upset about non-compatibility of 140mm CPU coolers? Its the same reasoning as who would consider mounting a 360mm radiator in it! But the upper front panel fan installation requires you to remove the I/O to gain access to its fan mounts.

To distance itself from the Masterbox MB500, the Masterbox K500L could have been an all mesh design.

HDD Bay Area

The PC case is good enough for mid-end performance PC components as long as you are sticking with semi-modular power supplies with flat cables as a bare minimum. This case (or cases) has PSU clearance of 180mm so keep cabling clutter to the minimum. Regardless there would be a nuisance when you use both the HDD trays. The distance between them is minimal and all the cable go through that section. A shroud-less design for the KNNN sub-variant makes sense because there is no transparent sidepanel.

Would you buy it?

The case is functional. It has limitations but within a certain choice (a very wide choice) of components, it houses everything you need to. The issue for Cooler Master is the options out there within this price segment. Anybody looking for a case within this price segment would have preferred a non-flash and larger PC case.

₹ 6,605/-NANA

COOLER MASTER MASTERBOX K500L PC Case Review from hardware

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